Wednesday, February 29, 2012

The 14th Tokyo Girls Collection SPRING/SUMMER 2012

Tokyo Girls Collection

The list of the participants for this year's TCG is out! Of course, my fave girls are in.

 Ellie Rose, Yey!
 Karina and Yukkina, Yey!
 HASEGAWA JUNand Triendle Reina, Yey!
Michibata, Angelica, Rola and CHIKAKO WATANABEYEY!

I'm surprised and disappointed at the same time that Marie is not on the list. She's also one of my favorites, and I love how she rocks the runway. I've always adored the fierce and edgy girls over the cutesy ones whenever I watch TGC, so not having Marie this year is a big letdown for me.

As for the guests and guest models...
Mizobata Junpei, I see you! 
And Saeko is also back. I guess she needs to work more now that she 
and soon-to-be-Texas-Ranger ex-hubby Darvish Yu are over. 
Aww... I thought they're such a good pair.

The performing acts...
Kana-yan! Crystal Kay!

Tsubasa will also attend as Milky Bunny,
though I totally prefer to see her more as
Masuwaka Tsubasa. Hehe.

And the participating brands...

 Liz Lisa! Cecil McBee! 
LOL @ Abbey Dawn. Srsly. Japan just can't get enough of Avril Lavigne.

The show will be hosted by comedy duo Savanna and new half tarento Haruna Ai (whom I also adore). It'll be on Saturday, 3rd March, 2012. The theme for this year is Sherbet Garden.

Can't wait for this awesomeness!

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