Tuesday, February 28, 2012

My Dream Hair is on Miley Cyrus' Head

I've always loved Miley's hair. Not the blonde Hannah Montana one, but the styles I usually see in her TV guesting, paparazzi shots, and magazine photos. It is always in a pretty color and has awesome volume. I know that probably more than half of it is actually weave, but her stylists do a good job of making it look natural. Her hair is always red carpet glamorous, but it still looks messily sexy even during times when she does not do any styling.  Her locks rock!

On some of her recent awards show appearances, she opted to make it more clean and polished. It looks great, but I still prefer the sorta messy ones.

Here are some of my favorite Miley hairstyles:
Rockstar glam
Long, brown, and beach wavy
Looks effortlessly pretty

I love how it goes thinner towards the end

It's blonde, yet not Hannah Montana-ish.
I love the semi-tight curls and the gradient effect 

The polished look. This reminded me of Barbie's hair.

She got rid of her extensions in 2010, but she maintained her signature waves.

This is the closest to Miley's hair I've ever had. Haha. I need a few more years to have that hair-down-to-your-hip look.

The weird white wire (www?) is actually from my earphone. Hihi.

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  1. Haha! Finally! ^^~
    I love T. Swift's hair naman, and I love Hannah Montana, too! LOL!



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