Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Recent Purchase: Canmake Cosmetics

I'm on an Asian Makeup roll lately, particularly Japanese brands. It's not that I've never tried them before. It's just that recently, whenever I update my makeup stash, I notice that most of my purchases are Japanese cosmetics. I live seas away from Japan, so it takes weeks or even a month before a product lands on my doorstep. The wait is always worth it, though.

A few days ago, I've placed my orders of a few Canmake cosmetics. You might say my purchase is, once again, influenced by the celeb endorsing the line, but this time it's not. It's pure curiosity, I guess. I've read a lot of good reviews about it, and I was really surprised when I checked and found out how affordable the products are compared to other brands. They're cheap and of good quality according to many, so I guess nothing could go wrong? ^_~

Canmake Girl Lena Fujii endorsing the line's Cream Cheeks

Canmake's beauty ambassador is Lena Fujii -- a really popular model who's also released a CD or two. ViVi is my all-time favorite Japanese magazine, and it's impossible to miss seeing her face every time I turn the pages. She's the mag's muse, but my eyes are always drawn to Watanabe Chikako (She's the reason why I still love ViVi even after Hasegawa Jun "graduated" -- aka left for Glamour magazine).


Out of all the products I ordered, I am most excited for the Cream Cheeks. I even got two colors (Vitamin Orange & Marshmallow Pink) because they seem really promising. I think they're the best-selling products they have. I also got the Dolly Mat Base which is a face primer recommended for those with oily skin like myself. They also have another one for dry skin called Milky Moist Base (with a pink packaging that's a lot cuter than the mat base one). The face primer I am currently using is Too Faced Prime and Poreless. I've been using it for quite some time, but I still can't tell if it actually works for me or not. My skin still gets dewy after a few hours. So much for living in a tropical country. 

Well, we'll see how this less expensive Canmake one works.

Canmake makeup bases for oily and dry skin.

Some of the other products I got are the following:

Canmake Eyebrow Mascara
(I think I'm starting to get addicted to eyebrow mascaras lately. 
I have purchased from of them from different brands just last January. 
I'll try to do a review soon.)

Canmake Perfect BLACK Eyeliner
(This one has felt tip which is ideal for beginners 
who want to create that perfect cat eye look)

I paid about PhP3000 (around $60) for five items including the shipping fee. Not bad, I guess.

And now on to the waiting game...

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