Thursday, February 23, 2012

Review: Fasio Ultra Curl Lock Mascara

Fasio Ultra Curl Lock Mascara

Yey for unpainted nails... not.

This also came with the Candy Doll lipsticks I got the other day. I was super excited to finally have it simply because I was really curious. This is probably my first purchase of a makeup product endorsed by a guy. ^_~ If I were old enough to use makeup when Kimura Takuya endorsed Kanebo I would've probably stormed the mall or wherever, too. Haha.

Kimura Takuya luring the hell out of every woman 16 years ago

Yeah, I got sidetracked a bit. Sorry.

Anyway, the package of the mascara was really simple. I was expecting to see Matsujun's face on it but I guess it'll be too much. Haha. I'm used to seeing cosmetics packed in paper boxes, but makeup products in Japan are usually packed in plastic ones. Of course everything on the label is written in Japanese, but my  barely passable Nihongo skills somehow helped me understand it a bit. It says it's waterproof, which for me means I can't use it everyday because removing it at night would be dreadful.

The wand is somehow similar to Maybelline's Cat Eye mascara which is like a really short comb, but Fasio's Ultra Curl lock mascara has tiny bristles on the other side. So, there are actually two sets of bristles -- the main one and a slightly shorter one. At first, I thought the tiny bristles were for the lower lashes, but after seeing the photos on the back label, I learned that it's also for the upper lashes. You just have to turn the wand 360 degrees so you could reach the other side as well when you're applying the product. However, I've tried using the large bristle on the upper lashes and the short one for the lower lashes and it still works great.

The mascara in its original packaging + Maybelline's Cat Eye mascara

I guess KOSÉ is really serious when they say a product is waterproof. It is really difficult to remove, so you'll need to pair it up with a pretty strong mascara remover. It took me quite some time to get rid of the product before I went to bed, so that's why I would only use this probably when it's cold or during rainy days when mascaras tend to smudge a lot (Panda eyes on non-pandas aren't cute). It'll also be perfect for when you want to wear makeup on the beach or when you're in the pool.

As for its volumizing effect, it does a pretty decent job, though it won't give you the same lashes as Mirei-chan on her ad (I think we all pretty much know this. Haha.) It also holds up the curl well. You won't need more than two coats to maximize the effect. Also, the tube is pretty big, so you'll get a good amount of the product for its price.

All in all, I think it's a good product. It's not necessarily a must-have, but it's a good choice if you need a mascara that won't move a nudge throughout the day.

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