Monday, March 12, 2012

Hair Affairs: Tight Curls with Fringe

I went to a Japanese Music Fest with some of my friends last Sunday, and this was how I styled my hair for the event:

My friends thought I was wearing a wig and couldn't recognize me from afar. Haha.

But wig-looking or not, I still love how it looked. It was very easy to do, and the curls lasted the entire day. All I needed was my 1" Revlon Perfect Heat Ceramic Flat Iron (to apply heat on my hair while still in braids and help make the curls stay more in tact), 1/2" Revlon Travel Pro Straightener (to groom my fringe), and TRESemme Curl Activator Spray (to keep the curls in place for a long time). I also used TRESemme European Heat Tamer before applying heat to minimize the damage.

This can also be a no-heat look. You just have to leave your hair in braids for hours and let your damp hair dry naturally.

Now that I think about it, the look is like a combination of two of Taylor Swift's hairstyles:

Taylor Swift with her signature tight curls + her new straight locks
Add Miley Cyrus' hair color, and that's how my hair turned out. Haha.


  1. Why aren't the emojis moving? And... Nice hair LOL! ^^~

    1. Not sure, are they supposed to move? LOL.

      Thanks. Taylor even had to make an appearance when I don't even like her that much in the first place. Haha.



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