Wednesday, March 14, 2012

My Top 5 Favorite Japanese Fashion Magazines

I've always been a fan of Japanese fashion, but people who know very little about it have the impression that it is always about wearing flamboyant and fancy costume-ish clothing. While it is true that it is usually flashy and eye-catching, there is a lot more to it than just big, dolly eyes and fake nails. 

I don't exactly "read" Japanese magazines because I can't read Kanji. But fashion magazines are all about the photos anyway.

So here are my top five picks:

ViVi - Simply my all-time favorite. The featured fashion in this magazine is always edgy, sexy, and modern. I almost went ape shit had to bid adieu to this mag after Hasegawa Jun, my eternal beauty muse, left. But because I really, really love the tone of this magazine, I remained faithful. (Plus, Watanabe Chikako's fierceness kept me going). So for girls who are adventurous and fun-loving, this mag is a good addition to your fashion references.
Koda Kumi, ViVi March 2012
AneCan - I refer to this magazine for inspirations on what to wear for work on days when I want to feel like a real office girl. We don't really have a strict dress code in the office, so I just normally wear whatever I want. However, sometimes I feel like I have to dress "professionally," so I scan the pages of this mag for ideas. AneCam is for the conservative yet stylish young ladies in their late 20s to early 30s. I used to follow the main magazine, CanCam, but after most of my favorite models like Ebihara Yuri and Oshikiri Moe graduated (aka became too old for the mag's target audience), I started following AneCam. So, I honestly do not know the names of the current CanCam models anymore. Haha.
Oshikiri Moe, AneCan February 2012
JJ - This magazine is very similar to CanCam as both promote fashion that is conservative but doesn't compromise style.  
Kiritani Mirei, JJ February 2012
Ray - If ViVi has Fujii Lena on every page, Ray has Karina. I only started to follow this magazine because of her. The magazine features fashion ideas for sweet and girly ladies in their 20s. It's all things dainty and lacy, but not too sweet. The target audience are women who want to keep their youthful and girly side without going overboard.
Karina, Ray March 2012
Glamorous - I NEED NOT EXPLAIN WHY THIS MAG IS IN MY TOP 5 PICKS. My biased opinion is biased. Haha. Back when Jun was in ViVi, she wasn't the main muse although she was definitely one of the more familiar and fierce faces. Now that she has transferred to Glamorous, she has graced the mag's cover every month. EVERY MONTH (Well, there was one with Namie Amuro in May 2011). Pretty much like Younha for Oggi. With Jun as the main girl, readers can expect nothing less than glam and fabulous. High-end brands fill the pages from the first to the last. The mag has to live up to its name, after all.
Hasegawa Jun, Glamorous February 2012

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