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What to Wear on a Date... Arashi Style

I wrote this for my old (and really private) blog before. This look review was from the Mannequin Five segment of Arashi's variety show called Himitsu no Arashi-chan which aired in May 28, 2009.

A brief background about this segment:
The five members of Arashi are given a theme and based on it, they have to coordinate an entire outfit. They invite female guests to give critiques of the looks they put together, and each of the guest will choose her favorite. The one who will not be chosen will be labeled "unsold" and, well, become pretty much a laughingstock. The evaluation has a very comical approach just like in typical Japanese variety shows.

Sho was wearing DOLCE&GABBANA...
But he still lost. lol. 

Watching the pilot episode of HnA's new segment was a lot of fun and very interesting. I must say, I think I pretty much have a different taste in men's fashion as compared to the four female guests they had. 

I'll make an unbiased evaluation (YES, UNBIASED) of the looks they chose (I am assuming that they chose the clothes themselves, since I think they really showed their personalities and they're a bit different from the ones the boys wear on their other TV appearances which, as we all know, were done by their stylists.) The theme was "What to wear on your first date".

Here's how they looked:
From L-R: Sakurai Sho, Aiba Masaki, Ninomiya Kazunaru, 
Ohno Satoshi and Matsumoto Jun

1. Aiba Masaki's look - Honestly, I wasn't very keen with what he was wearing when he first unveiled it. I felt that the top was too heavy, and the overall look was a bit unbalanced. It looked like he spent too much time coordinating the top part  with all that jacket, vest, checkered inner shirt, and scarf and neglected the bottom part. My dad actually has the same pair of sandals he was wearing. Haha. I would probably prefer if he wore a low cut sneakers instead. However, I've seen that look several times on the runway before, so if my date would show up wearing that kind of look, it would give me the impression that his fashion awareness is above average. And also, when he said that his plan was to go to an amusement park, I think the outfit would be good enough.

2. Ninomiya Kazunari's look - I think it's too fashionable and definitely gave off a celeb vibe.  The choice of color was great because the look itself already stood out, so the subtletly of the color gave the right balance. I would prefer a different pair of jeans though, something that would make him look taller but not awkward. I think the pants he was wearing made his legs look skinny in an unattractive way. With him wearing an outfit like that, I think it kinda limits the place where he and his date could go.

3. Matsumoto Jun's look - I like it. It's simple yet it has "punch". Although it didn't look like he spent too much time thinking of what to wear (a manly trait, huh?), it was still evident that he's stylish. I like guys who know how to accessorize well. But I am so not into the "jarajara ippai" look. (It means overly accessorized; too blingy; lol)

(Note: Now that I think about it, I kinda don't like the vest. Haha.)

4. Ohno Satoshi's look - Err, the least I like. First, the leather jacket is totally not working. Oh-chan is a petite guy, and the jacket being oversized kinda emphasized his height disadvantage. The guests equate the leather jacket to being a "bad boy" but I would call it the "lazy look" (another manly trait) and yes, it would go well on a drive date (Even if not on a motorbike as suggested. I would prefer riding a convertible instead.) When he changed into the yellow shirt, I think it looked way better (but again, the shirt looked a bit big for him.). I realy think that Ohno looks the best when he wears simple clothes like some sneakers, faded jeans, and a bright-colored shirt. He looked fresh that way and made him look even younger than his actual age.

5. Sakurai Sho's look - Out of the five of them, I like this one the most (I am being unbiased, I promise!). It looked clean and presentable yet really chic. I think I would be very proud to walk around he streets with him. Just like what Jun said, he always looks good when he tucks his shirt in and the clothes drape around his body really well (Actually, everything that Sho wears interests me - from his suits in News Zero to the casual chic clothes he wears in Shukudai-kun. I really think he's a great dresser). All the girls hate it but the pink inner shirt didn't bother me at all (probably because it's my favorite color, and I do believe that not all guys can pull pink off.) But what's funny about the entire outfit is that I think I myself can wear it. Haha. Somehow, I kept thinking that it had a "cowboy feel" to it and it's all because it reminded me of what Madonna was wearing in her "Don't Tell Me" music video.

See what I meant?

In the end, Aiba won (because he got chosen first), and Sho was the unsold mannequin. Aiba was indeed a "miracle boy." And poor Sho - I could definitely tell he was upset. His expressions when the girls where pointing out the details of his outfit showed that he really didn't agree with them. Haha. 

If I were to rank them from who I like the most, it'll be Sho, Jun, Nino, Aiba, then Ohno.

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