Thursday, April 12, 2012

Hair Affairs: Seems like Fringe is in!

Last night, my younger sister and I were watching the second episode of America's Next Top Model's latest cycle that has a twist - British Invasion. It was the makeover episode, or should I say "Shakeover" episode, as what Tyra called it. She said she got inspired from the current trends in Europe where all things funky are a hit, so she gave the girls far-from-average looks with all the crazy hair colors and cuts. It was supposed to be over-the-top, but all the girls still looked stunning. After all the new looks were done, I noticed that Tyra gave three girls fringe. Haha. Seems like the time I finally decided to hide my humongous forehead ("fivehead," perhaps?) after years of contemplating is just right. Yey!
It's a pity that Mariah was sent home, though. I think she's really pretty, and the fringe definitely worked on her. Too bad she failed to deliver an impressive photo.

But on a personal note...

I actually cut my own fringe one month ago on a whim. I've always considered having one since my forehead has never been my best asset, and the Asian female celebrities I like almost always have fringe at one point. I think it just adds to the cute factor. 
Japanese Actress Aragaki Yui
Japanese Actress Toda Erika
Taiwanese Actress Rainie Yang 
Korean Actress Yoon Eun-Hye 
But what stops me from actually getting on the fringe-wagon is that I know how maintaining it can be quite a hassle. It grows really quick, too, so you need to trim it from time to time (The ideal fringe length for me is a little below the eyebrows.) I finally gave in when one day, while I was watching a Japanese drama (or was it a variety show? Can't exactly remember), I found Papa's good ol' scissors sitting nearby. Chopchopchop! I grabbed my flat iron, did some styling, and the rest is history... lol.

Some people regret doing hair changes like that, but I absolutely love mine. Haha. So I think I'm gonna keep my fringe for quite a long time. 

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