Thursday, May 31, 2012

Getting into the Fad that is "Airport Fashion"

Tiffany from Girls' Generation was quoted saying that since airport fashion has become a trend, she started paying extra attention to what she wears while on the move. Members of Korean girl group 4Minute mentioned the same thing in one of their interviews. Indeed, many celebrities not just in Asia but also in Hollywood started taking their airport style more seriously. 
Hollywood celebrities show what airport chic means
Korean Girl Group Girls' Generation
Korean Actress and Singer Yoon Eun Hye, one of my favorite Asian fashionistas
Why the obsession?

I think it is primarily because ordinary folks like you and me believe that seeing what celebrities wear while jet-setting reflects the latter's genuine sense of style. No stylists whatsoever could have put together their outfits for them since they're merely traveling and not really performing on stage or attending some red carpet event. People are curious to find how out the stars dress up minus the glitz and glamour that usually comes with being a celebrity.
I just love Vanessa Hudgens' sense of style
Chris Pine Photobucket 
It's amazing how the stars still look fab whatever they wear.Photobucket
As for myself...

Well, I'm not much of a traveler, and I've never been inside a plane for more than two hours. So whether I dress up for comfort or style whenever I travel simply depends on my mood. Of course it is important to feel comfortable just like in any other occasion, but sometimes I just feel like dressing up a bit to get more into the "tourist feel," if that makes sense. But I still usually prefer to be laid back. Luckily for me, I don't have paparazzis to worry about. Haha. 

Because I'm not a celebrity (lol! biggest statement of the obvious), I don't have that many photos of myself strutting around the airport and stuff. Hahaha. But I found a few of these photos when we went on a trip back to Mama's hometown down south back in 2009. It was just me, Mama, and my li'l sis. 

Li'l sis and I trying to catch our flight
Sleepy li'l sis
Mama has better airport fashion sense than I do. Hehe.
I need to travel more so I'll have more chances to develop my airport fashion sense. Haha.

Tuesday, May 29, 2012

A Pink Wedding Dress on My (Future) Big Day!

I never had a debut party when I turned 18. I remember that I even had a big College Algebra test  my least favorite subject  that day. I got a lot of birthday greetings from friends and classmates as I walked pass the hallways, a mini-party organized by my roommates, and a new phone from Papa. Yeah, that was pretty much it.

A few years later, I kind of regretted never having one especially after seeing my friends' photo albums of their own debut parties. I missed never having the chance to wear a ball gown (except for that gold one I wore for our Junior-Senior prom), dance with the most important men in my life, and basically celebrate that day like how it should be.

I'm getting a bit dramatic, but it is the truth.

I'll be 30 when my li'l sis turns 18, so I'll probably and hopefully have the resources to throw the decent debut party for her that I never had. The difference, however, is that she's not as girly as I am, so she probably wouldn't care much for a party at all.

So I figured the best time for me to make up for what I may have lost is when I get married. That day, if it ever comes, will be filled with all things dreamy and "princessy." Haha. Guests will have to wear English headdresses a la Will&Kate's wedding.

But even at almost 25, I still cringe at the thought of marriage. Like, me? A WIFE? A MOTHER? lol. But hey, this mindset may change in years when I finally get tired of being alone (lol!) or when I found THAT person (cheesy, I know). For now, I like the idea of a wedding ceremony, but a married life? That's a different story.

(Well, yeah. This post is just about pink wedding dresses, but I somehow got a bit carried away with my "introduction." Haha. Sorry about that.)

I once heard that wearing pink on the wedding day is for women who are not getting married for the first time. But since it is becoming widely accepted, or so I believe, it is now an option for me. If the husband-to-be would let me have it my way (which I hope he would), I would absolutely LOVE to wear any of these ensemble:

Super cute!

Okay, so maybe I won't wear a piece like one of these on the wedding day itself (unless it's not super hot that day), but I'd love to wear one even just for bridal shoots. They're just too pretty! The last three pieces blew me away.

Photos taken from: Wedding Dress

Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Evangelion Tees for UNIQLO

Geeky me wants these shirts so bad even if I probably won't get to wear them. Haha. I like the three shirts on top, especially the purple one. 

But on a second thought, I'd probably still wear them if I ever get my hands on them. I'd grab ones in larger sizes and pair them with leggings. That could work. Hihi.
There's Shinji, Asuka, and Rei...
I don't quite remember who the other guys is.
Oh, rusty memory...
I like this shirt, but who's Mari again?
I can only remember Misato.
Neon Genesis Evangelion is probably one of the earliest animes that made me sit in front of the TV screen whenever 5pm hits the clock (Was it 5pm or earlier? Can't remember). Yup, I was an anime kid, too, (A huge one, actually), and animes are probably the very thing that made me interested in Japanese culture in the first place. Back then I had no access to the internet, so I could only watch one episode a day on TV. 

I used to have a big 2D crush on Shinji Ikari back when I was into meek guys. Hahahaha. But my favorite character is Asuka Langley. I see a huge deal of myself in her, except for the glam bod. Haha. In terms of personality, I think we're pretty similar (I'm just nicer. Haha!).

Oh, those days...

But I'm really happy that even after so many years, Evangelion is still loved. Well, what's not to love about it, anyway? It may have one of the most perplexing climaxes ever, but I as well as the true-blue fans (which I'm not claiming I am) find it the real charm of this series. That is why it remains a classic.

Okay, enough anime talk! Haha!

These shirts first came out in 2010 when UNIQLO teamed up with Gainax Co. to celebrate the release of Evangelion 2.22: You Can (Not) Advance, and they cost 1,500 yen (around 800 pesos). I checked the website and they have new designs for 2012.

Hopefully they'll be available in our local UNIQLO branch once it opens next month.

Monday, May 21, 2012

Rajo Laurel and Francis Libiran in America's Next Top Model: British Invasion

Old news is old, I know. But I've only seen the episode yesterday, so I'm only blogging about it now. Hehe. 

I'm not as huge a fan of the show as my little sister, but I try to catch episodes from time to time whenever I can. I saw a few episodes over the weekend after watching the monster marathon movies on Star Movies (I only enjoyed the piranhas and anacondas. Vampires and paranormal whatnots totally freak me out). I rarely watch TV shows, so it was a good break for me.

Even though my sister follows the show a lot more than I do, she wasn't aware that Filipino designers were actually featured this season (What kind of a fan is she, you ask? ^^). So when I told her about it, she became extra excited as she watched the reruns with me. 

So here are the top 7 contestants wearing Hello Kitty couture dresses made by Filipino designer Francis Libiran. I'm sure you've already seen these awesome photos somewhere else, but it won't hurt to see them again, yes? (Plus, the color scheme fits my blog well. Hihi.)
Alicia White
Annaliese Dayes
Catherine Tomas
Eboni Davis
Laura LaFrate
My favorite contender, Sophia Summer
Seymone Cohen-Fobish (She got eliminated during this episode)                       
And Tyra wore this stunning dress by Rajo Laurel on the preceding episode during the judgment:

This piece is really, really  pretty. It simply flatters Tyra's body type. How I wish I'd get to wear something like this in the future.Photobucket

Monday, May 14, 2012

Review: MAC Reel Sexy and Watch Me Simmer Lipsticks

So I got two lipsticks from the MAC Reel Sexy Collection: the "carrier" lipstick, Reel Sexy (I just called it as such because it has the collection's name. Haha.), and the one I missed from the previous collection (because it was super popular), Watch me Simmer. I've always wanted to add some coral lipsticks to my stack (I'm not quite fond of the one I currently have, So Chaud), so this new collection came out just right for me.  
From L-R: MAC Reel Sexy and MAC Watch me Simmer Lipsticks
Both are from the "orange" family (lol) -- one is a light coral shade, and the other is a dark one. Reel Sexy is a shy mixture of peach and orange. Because it has an amplified finish, I was able to wear it for hours - six at most. I love the color, and I think it's the perfect shade of coral for my skin tone.
Myself wearing MAC Reel Sexy Lipstick
And as I've expected, Watch me Simmer is indeed very similar with some of the recent lipstick colors released by MAC (Read here). It's a color that would definitely draw attention on the lips. It appears lighter on the photo. In person, it's a very dramatic orange-y, almost red shade. I had a hard time pulling off the color as I'm not really fond of bright red lips, but after hours of wearing it and when the color faded a little bit, I found it a bit more wearable for me.  
Myself wearing MAC Watch me Simmer
(From L-R: Watch Me Simmer and Reel Sexy)
Because I'm a fan of light-colored lips, I'd have to say that I prefer Reel Sexy over Watch me Simmer especially for everyday use. However, I'd probably be wearing the latter more these days to fit the humid weather. Though I'm more of an eye-makeup person, rocking the bright lips is just perfect for the summer season. I'm trying to tone down my eye makeup recently (as you can probably tell in the photos) and focus more on the lips. So, Reel Sexy would have to step down a bit for now since I'd probably be abusing it come rainy season anyway. Haha.

Wednesday, May 9, 2012

JMag: Aragaki Yui in NYLON Japan

She's simply my eternal beauty muse. Haha.Photobucket Photobucket

I cannot exactly remember where I first saw her (probably in Dragon Zakura), but I knew right away she'd be a beauty inspiration for me, which is actually pretty weird because I do not usually find myself "idolizing" younger girls (Okay, so we're just a year apart, but I'm still technically older than her). She's probably the only girl (well, aside from Maria Sharapova) I'd love to exchange bodies with even for a day, if only it's possible. Haha. Though she may not be the best actress among her peers  and definitely not one of the best singers, too, unfortunately  there's just something in her that just made me adore her for years now.

Or maybe it's just 'cause find her super gorgeous.Photobucket

I've been following her monthly fashion spread called "yui's fashion patrol" for NYLON Japan magazine ever since it began. Every volume, they follow a certain theme and try to create a look based on it. They usually take inspiration from Hollywood celebrities' casual outfits or the current trends in the runway. I absolutely loooooove this section because the stylists always coordinate her looks that totally give off an edgier image than what she usually portrays on TV. Gone are the days when Gakky (I actually prefer to call her Yui-chan but whatev) was all about cute, fresh, and girly. Now that she's more mature, she can definitely pull off all these fashionable looks and make them her own. 

It took quite some time before the short hair grew on me (She had to chop off her signature gorgeous long locks when she played Akane Tendo for the Ranma 1/2 SP) because one of the things that really caught my attention about her is her long, beautiful hair. After seeing her sport different hairstyles with her new do, I began to appreciate it. 

So here are some of my favorite spreads from her fashion section for NYLON Japan:

Fur Style

I love the mix of fur and leather for this look. And the red booties definitely gave an added boost to this already-edgy ensemble.

Relax Rock Style

The messy hair sold this look to me. Though I'm not too crazy about that black, is-that-a-rag-or-a-doormat? outerwear in the second phto, I'd surely consider recreating the first look when it finally gets cold here in Manila, which may never happen at all. Haha. I don't find the sweater plus plaid long sleeves around the waist weird at all.

Tropical Style
It's been a while since I last saw her wear some skimpy clothing. I feel like she's lost a lot of weight though she's always been skinny anyway. 

On to the clothes...

Well, what's not to love about florals and hot pink combined? Also, a bit of  high heels always look really good with cropped pants.

Maxi dresses were once her staple fashion item. Still looks good on her.

Blogger Style

Denim Style

Love what they did with her makeup here. It's very unusual to see some colors on Yui's face since she always sports this natural look like many other Japanese female celebrities do. 

50's Denim Style


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