Wednesday, May 9, 2012

JMag: Aragaki Yui in NYLON Japan

She's simply my eternal beauty muse. Haha.Photobucket Photobucket

I cannot exactly remember where I first saw her (probably in Dragon Zakura), but I knew right away she'd be a beauty inspiration for me, which is actually pretty weird because I do not usually find myself "idolizing" younger girls (Okay, so we're just a year apart, but I'm still technically older than her). She's probably the only girl (well, aside from Maria Sharapova) I'd love to exchange bodies with even for a day, if only it's possible. Haha. Though she may not be the best actress among her peers  and definitely not one of the best singers, too, unfortunately  there's just something in her that just made me adore her for years now.

Or maybe it's just 'cause find her super gorgeous.Photobucket

I've been following her monthly fashion spread called "yui's fashion patrol" for NYLON Japan magazine ever since it began. Every volume, they follow a certain theme and try to create a look based on it. They usually take inspiration from Hollywood celebrities' casual outfits or the current trends in the runway. I absolutely loooooove this section because the stylists always coordinate her looks that totally give off an edgier image than what she usually portrays on TV. Gone are the days when Gakky (I actually prefer to call her Yui-chan but whatev) was all about cute, fresh, and girly. Now that she's more mature, she can definitely pull off all these fashionable looks and make them her own. 

It took quite some time before the short hair grew on me (She had to chop off her signature gorgeous long locks when she played Akane Tendo for the Ranma 1/2 SP) because one of the things that really caught my attention about her is her long, beautiful hair. After seeing her sport different hairstyles with her new do, I began to appreciate it. 

So here are some of my favorite spreads from her fashion section for NYLON Japan:

Fur Style

I love the mix of fur and leather for this look. And the red booties definitely gave an added boost to this already-edgy ensemble.

Relax Rock Style

The messy hair sold this look to me. Though I'm not too crazy about that black, is-that-a-rag-or-a-doormat? outerwear in the second phto, I'd surely consider recreating the first look when it finally gets cold here in Manila, which may never happen at all. Haha. I don't find the sweater plus plaid long sleeves around the waist weird at all.

Tropical Style
It's been a while since I last saw her wear some skimpy clothing. I feel like she's lost a lot of weight though she's always been skinny anyway. 

On to the clothes...

Well, what's not to love about florals and hot pink combined? Also, a bit of  high heels always look really good with cropped pants.

Maxi dresses were once her staple fashion item. Still looks good on her.

Blogger Style

Denim Style

Love what they did with her makeup here. It's very unusual to see some colors on Yui's face since she always sports this natural look like many other Japanese female celebrities do. 

50's Denim Style



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