Tuesday, May 29, 2012

A Pink Wedding Dress on My (Future) Big Day!

I never had a debut party when I turned 18. I remember that I even had a big College Algebra test  my least favorite subject  that day. I got a lot of birthday greetings from friends and classmates as I walked pass the hallways, a mini-party organized by my roommates, and a new phone from Papa. Yeah, that was pretty much it.

A few years later, I kind of regretted never having one especially after seeing my friends' photo albums of their own debut parties. I missed never having the chance to wear a ball gown (except for that gold one I wore for our Junior-Senior prom), dance with the most important men in my life, and basically celebrate that day like how it should be.

I'm getting a bit dramatic, but it is the truth.

I'll be 30 when my li'l sis turns 18, so I'll probably and hopefully have the resources to throw the decent debut party for her that I never had. The difference, however, is that she's not as girly as I am, so she probably wouldn't care much for a party at all.

So I figured the best time for me to make up for what I may have lost is when I get married. That day, if it ever comes, will be filled with all things dreamy and "princessy." Haha. Guests will have to wear English headdresses a la Will&Kate's wedding.

But even at almost 25, I still cringe at the thought of marriage. Like, me? A WIFE? A MOTHER? lol. But hey, this mindset may change in years when I finally get tired of being alone (lol!) or when I found THAT person (cheesy, I know). For now, I like the idea of a wedding ceremony, but a married life? That's a different story.

(Well, yeah. This post is just about pink wedding dresses, but I somehow got a bit carried away with my "introduction." Haha. Sorry about that.)

I once heard that wearing pink on the wedding day is for women who are not getting married for the first time. But since it is becoming widely accepted, or so I believe, it is now an option for me. If the husband-to-be would let me have it my way (which I hope he would), I would absolutely LOVE to wear any of these ensemble:

Super cute!

Okay, so maybe I won't wear a piece like one of these on the wedding day itself (unless it's not super hot that day), but I'd love to wear one even just for bridal shoots. They're just too pretty! The last three pieces blew me away.

Photos taken from: Wedding Dress

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