Monday, May 21, 2012

Rajo Laurel and Francis Libiran in America's Next Top Model: British Invasion

Old news is old, I know. But I've only seen the episode yesterday, so I'm only blogging about it now. Hehe. 

I'm not as huge a fan of the show as my little sister, but I try to catch episodes from time to time whenever I can. I saw a few episodes over the weekend after watching the monster marathon movies on Star Movies (I only enjoyed the piranhas and anacondas. Vampires and paranormal whatnots totally freak me out). I rarely watch TV shows, so it was a good break for me.

Even though my sister follows the show a lot more than I do, she wasn't aware that Filipino designers were actually featured this season (What kind of a fan is she, you ask? ^^). So when I told her about it, she became extra excited as she watched the reruns with me. 

So here are the top 7 contestants wearing Hello Kitty couture dresses made by Filipino designer Francis Libiran. I'm sure you've already seen these awesome photos somewhere else, but it won't hurt to see them again, yes? (Plus, the color scheme fits my blog well. Hihi.)
Alicia White
Annaliese Dayes
Catherine Tomas
Eboni Davis
Laura LaFrate
My favorite contender, Sophia Summer
Seymone Cohen-Fobish (She got eliminated during this episode)                       
And Tyra wore this stunning dress by Rajo Laurel on the preceding episode during the judgment:

This piece is really, really  pretty. It simply flatters Tyra's body type. How I wish I'd get to wear something like this in the future.Photobucket

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