Friday, June 29, 2012

Aragaki Yui and Kim Chiu in Similar Ensembles

While waiting for the elevator this morning on my way to the office, I was staring at the advertisements being flashed on the screens in the building lobby and saw the cover of Cosmopolitan Philippines with actress Kim Chiu on it. I thought the styling looked really familiar. Then it reminded me of something I've seen Aragaki Yui wore for her monthly spread called "Yui's Fashion Patrol" for Nylon Japan. 

I clearly remember this look because I've included the photo in a blog entry I did a few weeks back and commented on how it was unusual to see Yui bear some skin after shedding off her teen gravure image and finally becoming one of the top actresses of her generation.

The funny thing is that both are for each magazine's June 2012 issue. However, Japanese magazines tend to release their monthly issues ahead of time. For example, the June issue of Nylon that featured Yui was actually released in May.

Here are the larger photos for a better view:
Aragaki Yui for Nylon Japan, June 2012
Kim Chiu for Cosmopolitan Philippines, June 2012
I think both girls look pretty in the outfit. I prefer the fitted floral bustier Kim is wearing over Yui's loose one, but I the latter's pink pants are better than the bright red one.

Who do you think wore it better?

Thursday, June 21, 2012

Review: MAC Hey, Sailor! Lipsticks in Salute and To Catch a Sailor

My package finally arrived yesterday after being delayed for about 3 days. I was already getting frantic thinking it got lost in transit. Thankfully, the courier has decent customer service, and they responded well to my pestering. Haha.

Anyway, so I only picked out two shades out of the four available lipstick colors from the collection. I chose the tame ones since I think I already have too many bold red ones that I rarely use. They're supposedly part of the summer collection, but since I am in a different hemisphere, it is currently the rainy season for me. But of course, it does not mean I cannot wear these colors anymore.
MAC Hey, Sailor Lipsticks in To Catch a Sailor and Salute! 
Salute! is a pale peach-beige shade with an amplified finish. Some hints of yellow can also be found which is why I think it is not like the typical peach color available. The finish reminded me so much of when I first tried on Candy Doll lipsticks (You may read my review here). It makes the lips look dry when applied alone even after swatching it twice, so a good gloss follow-up is certainly a must. 

To Catch a Sailor is a metallic-like beige-brown color that has a frost finish. It reminded me of Frenzy from the regular collection, but only a lot lighter. I find this color a bit challenging to wear because somehow, I feel that it makes me age a bit. I think this color would work better for those with darker skin tones.
Swatches (L-R): Salute! and To Catch a Sailor 

These ones were a bit pricier than the regular MAC lipsticks because of the packaging. They came in navy blue striped boxes, and the same design was also printed on the glossy tubes. It was interesting, but I find the packaging for Surf, Baby! cuter. Haha. 

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Tuesday, June 19, 2012

KMag: Yoon Eun Hye for High Cut June 2012

The thing I love the most about Eun Hye apart from her fashion sense are her luscious lips. Okay, so that may sound a little homo, but I do like the shape of her lips. She has the kind that are meant to complement bold colors. I mean, just look at that first photo! My eyes went straight to her pouty pair! Then to her hair... and the clothes...

Anyway, I don't have much to say about her clothes. I like the black dress and the top she's wearing in the last photo. Oh, and there's that weird pose in the third photo. Other than those, all I know is that she can certainly pull off daring lip colors with those lips of hers.

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Thursday, June 14, 2012

JMag: Yui's Fashion Patrol ft. Roller Girl Style

I'm not a fan of her first outfit, but I do adore the pink skates. Yeah, I'm forever biased to pink like that. The shorts seem like it has interesting golden tribal prints, but of course we can barely see it with the angle. Haha. The second outfit is a lot better although the shoes got me surprised at first. I love how the floral printed skirt was used to offset the edginess of the blue vest and yellow bandanna. The makeup is as good as it can be. Yellow-gold eyeshadow and all. At least we can see a pop of color on her pretty face. Plus, it matches her bangles and bandanna.

Aragaki Yui-chan is wearing hair extensions for this shoot. Hehe. Hopefully, she'll grow her hair back like that again.

Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Review: Missha M Perfect Cover BB Cream

Product Description:
Offers a novel skincare concept which lightens skin tone by healing visible wrinkles and blemishes with excellent skin-cover ability
Prevents skin aging through effective whitening and anti-wrinkle properties 
Has SPF42 PA+++

Reasons for Buying:
This was once recommended to me by a BB Cream-addicted friend, but I never really gotten around to actually trying it myself until recently. It's one of the most highly reviewed BB Creams ever.

Type: Combination to Oily
Foundation Shade: MAC NC15-20

Observations and Other Details:
Gives medium to full coverage. I highly recommend this to girls who need a lot of skin coverage but still want to look like they did not pile a ton of products on their faces. Just a single pump of the product is enough to cover up the entire face and neck. 
Dries to a matte finish. A big plus for me since I am not really a fan of dewy look. It saves me time in the morning whenever I put on my makeup because I can skip the setting powder without worrying about having a greasy face after a few hours. (Gross, I know)
Has Thick Consistency. Its formulation is a lot thicker than TonyMoly Expert 3D Collagen BB Cream, but blending the product on the skin is not an issue.
Excellent Oil Control. Shine-free all day! Haha. Well, not exactly all day, but 8 hours max to be exact. It's pretty good considering that I usually wear this BB Cream alone without any setting powder. I've read some reviews that this product tend to clog the pores and break them out, but I never had such experience. I just make sure that I thoroughly remove the product with my Clarisonic Mia before going to bed.
Has More Available Shades than Other Brands. While they may not be as many as what an average liquid foundation has, it offers better choices other than those pinkish, or worse, grayish BB creams out there. I got #21 Light Beige which is the second lightest shade available. Currently, there are 5 shades available.
L: Product when dispensed from the tube
R: Product when slightly blended
This product simply lives up to its fame. I absolutely love it and will definitely get another tube.

Monday, June 11, 2012

JMag: Namie Amuro on ViVi's July 2012 Cover

Stunning as always! And she still looks really, really younger than her age. I think she even looks younger than when she was in her 20s. JPop queens really do know how to keep their flair.

She's one hot mama indeed.

Thursday, June 7, 2012

Review: Skin79 Hot Pink Super BB Cream

Product Features:
Has Adenosine and Arbutin for Whitening
UV Protection (Has SPF25, PA++)
Wrinkle Solution
Phyto Complex Ingredient
Uses various ingredients to moisturize and revitalize the skin like Tangerine Oil, Ceraminde 3 and Osmopur

Reasons for Buying:
Extremely popular! This is probably one if not the most popular Korean BB cream out in the market. I've read nothing but great reviews about this product. Plus, it is Hot Pink. I just cannot resist pink. Haha.

Type: Combination to Oily
Foundation Shade: MAC NC15-20

Great packaging. It comes in a really adorable pink container with a pump to avoid spillage.
Gives light coverage. This BB cream is for girls who shy away from wearing too thick a face product and just prefer wearing a thin layer on their faces. It does not do much in covering scars and blemishes even after layering. It can give up to medium coverage but nothing more than that.
Does not dry to a matte finish. It gives a sheer, luminous finish when used alone. But when topped with a setting powder, it mattifies a bit. However, after a few hours, it gives a dewy look.
Easy to apply. The consistency is really light, thin, and easy to blend. This BB cream is perfect for those who prefer to use their fingers instead of a brush when applying face products as the risk of tugging the skin lessens.
Has Only One Available Shade. My biggest issue about this BB cream is the gray cast it gives the face. Hints of gray or pink are common in BB creams, but with proper blending, it usually wears off and matches  the natural skintone closely. However, this one doesn't. It left my face looking dead and zombie-ish after a few hours. But because I did not want to waste it, I tried mixing it with a lighter shade of foundation. Somehow, it was manageable.
L: Product when dispensed from the container
R: Product slightly blended on the skin 
I'd love to love this product, but for me, it just did not deliver the goods I was expecting. It just failed to cater to the needs of my skin.

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Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Nail Files: Orange is the New Pink?

I just suddenly remembered this line (Well, it's actually just a part of it) from one of my favorite chick flicks of all time - Legally Blonde. And just like Elle Woods, pink will always remain my signature color.

But it's fun to play up with colors sometimes. Besides, Orange always has a special spot in my heart... because I'm a Shinhwa Changjo!

Enough with my randomness. Here's the nail color I'm currently wearing:

I'm wearing Bobbie Nail Polish in Salmon (Regular).

I love nail polishes from Bobbie because they're very affordable yet of great quality. They do not chip easily, and they're also very easy to apply.

Friday, June 1, 2012

Review: TonyMoly Expert 3D Collagen BB Cream

TonyMoly Expert 3D Collagen BB Cream
Product Features:
Has SPF40, PA +++
A Triple Function Cosmetic: Whitening + Anti-Wrinkle + UV Ray Protection
Contains Golden Peptide which has excellent synthesizing capability, provides elasticity to the skin and makes the skin smooth with no uneven skin texture by filling in wrinkles
Has Lavender Scent

Reasons for Buying:
I was primarily lured by the product's anti-aging claims. Though most BB creams claim to have anti-aging properties, this particularly mentioned having a collagen-promoting ingredient.

Type: Combination to Oily
Foundation Shade: MAC NC15-20

Does not dry to a Matte Finish. After reading some reviews saying that this BB cream does not work well for those with oily skin, at first I thought it may not be the product for me. I still bought one to actually see for myself. While it is true that it won't give a matte finish when used alone, it can actually stay on the face for hours when topped with a setting powder. I tried using Laura Mercier Mineral Setting Powder and MAC Mineralize Skin Finish, and the former worked a lot better. But if you're not into matte looks, this product gives a glossy finish when used on its own.
Gives Medium to Full Coverage. It's good for concealing slight blemishes, skin discoloration, and acne marks. It leaves the face covered but still natural-looking.
A Bit Difficult to Blend. Although the consistency looks really light and "liquidy," it is actually a bit difficult to blend on the skin. I initially tried just using my fingers to apply it on my face, but since it is a little tricky to spread, I'm afraid I might tug my skin a bit too much in the process. I recommend using a foundation brush instead.
Has Only One Available Shade. This is perhaps the most common problem about BB creams.While this particular BB cream may not work for people with darker skin, those on the lighter side may find it a favorite. Though it appears darker on the tube and has a slight gray cast like other BB cream brands, it oxidizes well to match the natural skin tone.
Almost Scentless. I would not know that it is supposed to have a lavender scent if I had not read it. It is unnoticeable, so those who are sensitive with scented face products may give this one a shot.
L: When dispensed from the tube
R: When slightly blended on the skin
It worked really well for me. Out of the 4 BB Creams I purchased from different brands (See here), this is in my top 2 along with Missha M Perfect Cover BB Cream (which I will also be reviewing soon).

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