Thursday, August 9, 2012

Some of My Hairstyles for the Past Two Years!

I have this impression about myself that I rarely do changes to my hairstyle. I usually just let it grow and chop it off once the ends start to look a bit too damaged and annoying. Haha. But after seeing some of my old photos these past two years, I realized that I did try on a few changes. They're not too drastic though, but still changes nonetheless.

I'm also not one to wake up early just to work on my hair for the day. If I do decide to look a bit more special on a certain day, I usually work on it the night before. Just braids and stuff. Using a curling iron in the morning can be a pain especially if I'm already running late for work. So I'd rather leave my hair in braids overnight and undo it the following day for a simple wavy effect. Thankfully, the curls stay really well for the rest of the day even without using any hairspray. Yey for less damage and more environment-friendly! Hehe.

So here are some random vanity shots that show a few of my hairstyle changes this past couple of years:

Short and Wavy
I suppose it's not as "short" as how short should be, but it's the shortest I've had in years. Haha. This was actually one of the very rare days when I did wake up earlier than usual to do my hair. Well, I just wanted to try the new curling iron I got that day. Haha.

I think this made me look a bit mature though.

Sleek and Straight
This is how my newly rebonded hair looks like. Haha. Actually, it only looks like this after a week or so because I'd usually start messing around with it, like dealing with those weird highlights!

Curly Tips
Chocolates? Haha.
If I remember right, this was a second-day curl. The tips of my hair looked so miraculously pleasant that day that I decided to just let it be that way. I just did a little half ponytail.

Side Braids
My go-to hairstyle! Lazy days usually means braids to me. This was back when the only braid style I can do was the basic one. Haha.

Look! I'm not even wearing that much makeup in these photos! A lazy day indeed!

Orange But Not So
This was when I told myself that I finally found the right shade and brand of permanent hair dye for me. I usually just apply hair color at home because salons refuse to touch my hair for fear of getting sued and all that. Haha. After trying on a few products, I finally settled with Clairol Nice 'n Easy in #98.

That very awkward moment when your real hair looks like a wig. Haha!

This is probably the biggest hair change I've ever done, but no matter how much I'd love my hair to look like this every time I wake up without having to go through so much fuss, it's just not going to happen. Haha. I actually attended a Japanese music fest with my friends that day, and to go with the theme, I went looking like this. My friends actually thought I was wearing a wig until I started pulling on my fringe.

An yeah, I absolutely love how my fringe looked in this one. Photobucket

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