Thursday, December 26, 2013

My First Trip to Japan for JENESYS 2.0 Part 4: Tokyo Visual Arts College and NHK Studio

Another exciting day!

The schedule for the following day was probably the most exhausting, at least for me. I used so much of my energy talking! Haha! I didn’t think it would be that mentally tiring to switch from three different languages all the time.

First in our list was a visit at Tokyo Visual Arts College. It offers 2-year courses for students who are interested to have a career in the entertainment industry. It reminded me of the Korean drama Dream High, only this was in Japan. It was my first time to visit a performing arts college, and it was everything I expected, just a lot more fun.

But before that, here are some photos I took on our way to the campus:
So cute!
The students prepared a short program for us comprised mainly of powerful dance numbers. I suddenly remembered my younger brother as I was watching them. He’s so much into dancing.
SMAP spotting!
Those days when a male cosplayer totally outshines you in terms of "girlness." Haha!
After the program, they also invited us to a “school festival-like” thing they prepared, which made me feel it’s high school all over again, with all the fun booths and stuff. I remember when we used to have a jail, DJ, and even love letter booths back then. Totally made me feel nostalgic.

Here are some photos I took with the students:
The dance team
Another dance team
meiko-san tachi

And here I am with my Japanese “boyfriends” in the Photography Booth. If only they stood a bit closer to me. Haha!
Of course, it deserves to be extra large. Haha.

Here's the dubbing area where I suddenly blurted out that I'm a fan of Midorikawa Hikaru. Haha. Good thing the students know who he is. I didn't feel that old. ^.^
Couldn't help but take a selfie in front of the huge mirror inside the dance studio

Here are posters of the films where former TVA students became a part of:
Beck. Mizushima Hiro and Sato Takeru!
Byakuyako (Into the White Night) movie version 
Kamisama no Karute (Sho-chan!)
I think this is also a dubbing room where they work on anime.
music studio
Special Effects Room where they learn how to do prosthetic makeup.
How creepy are those heads???

We had lunch with the students at the cafeteria, and that was the time I got to practice my Nihongo to the fullest. I felt really happy that my Nihongo is actually coherent, thanks to the countless hours I spent watching Japanese dramas and variety shows. One of our coordinators was listening to our conversations and afterwards, she told us she thought I was one of the college seniors chatting with my juniors. Hahaha.

I really think the most effective way to learn a language (at least on the conversational level) is to watch foreign shows. You’ll get the right pronunciation of words, and you’ll learn everything you need for simple, everyday exchanges. Writing and reading, however, is another story. 
Hachiko bus outside
The next stop was NHK. Okay, to be honest I was hoping to see celebrities. Haha. I mean, it was a broadcasting studio, and in the Philippines, you can never NOT see a celebrity when you visit ABS-CBN or GMA. They just walk around the halls and ride the elevators like everyone else. But, Japan has always had strict policies when it comes to their celebs, so I guess I just had high expectations. Haha. I saw a lot of posters, though. :P

We were brought inside NHK’s newsroom and had the chance to take photos on the actual desk. Can you see where I am in these shots? Haha. They said they had to broadcast a rerun so they won’t have to film live to give us time to tour the place. ^.^
Inside the newsroom
There was also a brief introduction of some of NHK’s popular infotainment shows. I thought I’d see Inoue Joe again, but apparently, J-Melo is NHK’s most popular show, and needs no more introduction. Haha. But seriously, among all the shows they mentioned, people were mostly familiar with J-Melo.

Some of the programs’ hosts and staff members introduced themselves and the programs they’re in charge of.  My biggest regret was being all shy when Imagine-Nation’s host asked us to give a short message to be posted on the program’s website. Had I been as thick-faced as I usually am (lol), I would’ve seen a short clip with my face plastered on their homepage. Regrets.

There was a huge, huge LCD screen as soon as we enter the NHK Studio park, and Golden Bomber was performing. I asked someone to take a photo for me to make it look like I was watching them live (lol), but I was stopped by one of the staff even before I could take at least one shot. 残念でした!

The StudioPark is huge, and it mostly had exhibits for NHK's highly successful asadora (morning drama), Amachan. I didn’t follow the series, so I don’t really know much about the story. All I know is that Nounen Rena-chan who’s extremely popular in Japan right now is also from LesPros Entertainment, Aragaki Yui’s talent agency. Haha. I’m such a Gakky fangirl! 
At Domo-kun Cafe
Of course, there were also exhibits for their other shows, like Ayase Haruka’s Yae no Sakura.  There were even framed autographs of the cast posted on the wall, but again, photos were forbidden. Yeah, I’m such a rule-abiding tourist. Haha.

There was also a shop filled with NHK goodies, which, again, were mostly Amachan-related. Since we were already given freebies during the orientation, I didn’t buy anything anymore. But for huge fans of NHK shows, this is a shop you can’t ignore.
A little playground for the little ones
I couldn’t help myself when I saw this standee on my way out of the studio.<3 
My first sighting of THE Tokyo Tower. Surreal.

During our free time in the evening, we went for a really short visit to Shibuya. Another surreal moment. It's the place I alwaaaaaays see in photos. Even though it was already dark, it's much, much better in real life than in photos.
Awesome tree blocking my view of Shibuya 109. It was already close then. T.T
Awesome billboard for awesome people. I just finished watching Ando Lloyd last week. ^.^
Trying to blend in. Haha! I was holding a plastic with Jin's ainaru hou he albums inside. Jobelle asked me to get a copy for her.

We only stayed there for a little over an hour. I went to Matsumoto Kiyoshi to pick up a few makeup items and some omiyage for my siblings. Since the hotel we were staying at that night didn't have internet connection (Can you believe that?), we just sat somewhere and enjoyed Shibuya's free Wi-Fi. Haha!

We also didn't see Hachiko. I was too tired to walk around the station. 信じられないでしょう?

How was the holidays? ^.^

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