Sunday, September 15, 2013

Off my Bucket List!

To bring the frills back into my blog, allow me to share this not-so-exciting-really-but-I-was-happy-anyway event in my life. I made my first appearance on an international TV channel! A Japanese TV channel at that! Haha!

And it was for... singing.
The frustrated songstress! (the one on the right, of course)
Yup, I sing. Not that I'm particularly good or anything, but let's just say I'm "trainable." Haha! Singing has always been one of my biggest frustrations in life. When people ask me what my talent is, I don't really give singing for an answer. I say it though when the question is about my hobby. ^_^

My friend and I joined this singing contest for Japanese songs organized by the Embassy of Japan in the Philippines and Japan Foundation Manila. It was actually our second time, the first being way back in 2009. We had to send two demo songs and wait if we'll get pass the screening. We joined twice and made it to the top 10 twice, too. :) It was never our goal to win (knowing my average singing prowess. My friend's a really good one though she lacks the confidence), and we were more concerned about how we'll look on stage than how we'll sound. Haha! If it wasn't for the fact that we had to sing a JPOP song, I would never in my entire life ever consider joining a singing contest... especially now that I've reached this age (Fine. I admit I did try my luck at singing when I was younger.). I had a lot of fun though, and we were told by the organizers that we're lucky to have made it this year since NHK World proposed to cover the event for their J-Melo in Manila episode which aired last Sept 8. Very lucky, indeed! We even had the chance to meet and greet Inoue Joe!

Not my best shot but whatev

Now I'm crossing "To appear on television" off my bucket list. 2013 may not be such a bad year, after all. :)

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