Sunday, September 29, 2013

Packing for Tokyo!

One thing I don’t like about traveling is packing. Some girls get very excited about it but I just find it bothersome. I always feel like even if I try to prepare my things ahead of time, I always end up forgetting a thing or two. Plus, I have a big, big tendency to overpack.

I’m from the tropics, and it’ll be my first time to experience fall/autumn, so I’m not exactly sure if the clothes I plan to bring are thick enough or what. I searched YouTube for some Fall Outfit Inspiration videos for help. Hopefully, the weather in Tokyo will be "me-friendly." Haha!

Since we’ll not only be staying in Tokyo  for the 10 days that we’ll be in Japan, we were advised to bring as light a luggage as possible. This is really a challenge for me. The last time I went to Singapore and Malaysia, I had an issue with the amount of luggage I brought since we had to make about 3 hotel changes for that 5-day trip. This time, I plan to bring just one roller bag plus my carry-on bag. 

In the midst of overpacking. Haha!
We also had to bring business suits for courtesy calls with government officials plus sportswear for, well, doing sports.We were also asked to bring our national attire. I cannot remember the last time I actually wore one (probably back in my grade school days when we had to do cultural presentations), so I'm pretty excited about it. It'll be like representing the Philippines in a beauty pageant wearing my national costume... only I'm not. ^_^

I still have a few personal essentials to buy tonight before I can finally say I'm ready. Honestly, the fact that I'll be flying to one of the countries I've been dreaming to visit ever since (for FREE!) hasn't fully sunk in yet. But yes, it's finally happening. Oh yeah!

And I'm dyiiiiing to finally get my Nihongo skills to use. Hahaha!


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