Sunday, December 8, 2013

Jessica's Airport Fashion: My Favorite Outfits!

I love seeing celebrities in their personal clothes, especially when they're at the airport. Since their outfits are more on the comfortable and wearable side than what they usually wear during performances and photoshoots, I get a lot of inspiration for my own everyday looks. Plus, it's really refreshing to see them without a pile of makeup on.

I usually check out Jessica's airport outfits. Not only because she's my favorite member, but also because her style is close to mine. We both love comfy pieces of clothing and accessories like thick cardigans, jeans, sneakers, and booties. Jessica also loves her look to be "matchy, matchy" most of the time, which I think is perfectly fine as long as the pieces work together.

So here are my favorite airport outfits of her:
I fell in love with her oversized cardigan and bag. Really, Jessica's airport fashion is all about the bag!
Because the pink ensemble matches my blog. Haha!
Black sneakers, black circle skirt, and a black Balenciaga. Much love!
I love the little distressed detail on her top. It adds a bit of spice into this rather toned down look.
Spring look!
Greens and creams. That definitely worked!
Another oversized cardigan again. ^_^

And this one has got to be my all-time favorite. She killed it with that grey sweatpants. Haha!
This style screams Vanessa Hudgens to me, my other favorite girl when it comes to street style.

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