Thursday, December 12, 2013

My First Trip to Japan for JENESYS 2.0 Part 3: "Cool Japan" Lecture and a Short Tour of Harajuku

Day 2! Yey!
The lecture was delivered by Dr. Renato Rivera Rusca of Meiji University. It was a primer on the Cool Japan initiative, which is the government's comprehensive project to promote Japanese culture.

I was too shy to ask a question during the actual lecture, so I just ambushed him afterwards for a one-on-one. I asked him about his views on "Orientalism" - a topic that's very well-discussed in grad school, at least in Asian Studies - since he mentioned it in the middle of his lecture. I got a bit geeky and stuff, but our coordinator had to tell me to hurry as we were about to leave. 

Here's the very first photo with my group:
After the lecture, we headed back to our bus to have lunch at Tanzawa in Shinjuku Washington Hotel.
During the short travel time, I took random photos of anything on the streets as we pass through. 

Kamen Rider, I see you!
 Nope, not Rainbow Bridge. Haha!
This photo I took reminds me so much of the Beatles Abbey Road album cover.

This shot is one of my personal favorites. I often see screen caps like this in dramas and movies. Hehe. It's just one of those lucky shots you get when you're randomly taking photos during a bus ride.
We had our lunch inside this hotel (Hello there, random oniisan!).
Can you find the shoe in this photo? Haha! This was near Yoyogi Koen.

This was in front of Meiji Jingu. As I was too excited to see our next destination, I told myself I'll just drop by the shrine afterwards. When we came back, it was already closed. Argh!
Hachiko Bus!
Niji! It was so pretty I had to take a shot.
Kagawa-senshuuu~ Haha! All the other girls squeal when they see photos of their idols, while I flail over my athletes. I'm probably the only one in our group who knows this soccer superstar.

Yey, Takeshita Dori! The place is basically a heaven for fashionistas on a budget. If you walk a little further, you'll get to see even more amazing shops in Harajuku. I was too amazed I failed to take as many photos as I should have. Haha.
I just stole (with permission! lol!) these photos from one of my fellow participants. I was too busy with other things (You know, like looking around with my jaw on the floor. Haha!).
Matsumoto Kiyoshi. They have everything beauty-related here, and the products are pretty affordable, too. You'll find all Japanese drugstore cosmetic brands inside, and unsurprisingly, this was where I spent most of my shopping time. Haha!
And of course...

Johnny's Shop! Haha. It's in such a secluded place you wouldn't easily find it unless you ask around. There wasn't as many merchandise as I was expecting. But seriously, all types of girls AND women flock this store. 

Taking photos inside was forbidden, which is pretty understandable since one floor is dedicated to just photo goodies alone.

We had dinner at a Japanese restaurant called Tofuro, then we had to make our first hotel transfer in a series of so many hotel transfers during the entire program. Haha. We stayed at Art Hotels Omori, which was about 2 stations away from Akihabara.

Took an outfit shot as soon as we settled into our new hotel. ^_^
We had plans to go somewhere that night during our free time, but for some reason we ended up going nowhere. I just went to the nearest Lawson and bought a few snacks before going to bed.

Boring, I know. But that was how my day ended. ^_^

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