Monday, December 23, 2013

Weekly "Kawaii" Encounters Vol. 2

Let's begin with a random photo of my favorite pair of socks at the moment. lol.
 Got this from Daiso for 105 yen (about PhP50)

And the thing that makes me smile whenever I wake up in the morning. Haha. This is Jobelle's pasalubong when she came back from Tokyo last August. You don't know who he is? It's okay. I forgive you. Google's your friend. :)

Food galore!
Regular Bibimbop from Mr. Kimbob. This is the store's bestseller (PhP99)
Beef Yakiniku Ramen from Teriyaki Boy (PhP155)
Beef Yakiniku Don, also from Teriyaki Boy (PhP175)
Gyoza and Oyakodon from Tokyo Tokyo

And just something exciting I can look forward to next year. Hopefully, things will work out fine. :)

Oh, and it's Christmas Eve tomorrow. Everyone's going to be very busy. Have fun!^.^

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