Thursday, January 9, 2014

A Look Back at JDramas 2013 Autumn Season

So I finally finished watching all the four series I’ve chosen for Autumn 2013, and here's what I think about them.
This is most enjoyable out of the four I’ve chosen to watch this season. I simply couldn’t miss series because my girl Aragaki Yui was in it, and Sakai Masato is quite the hot commodity recently after the massive success of Hanzawa Naoki. Fortunately, Legal High 2 managed to bring in the ratings. From what I’ve read in some Japanese forums, people thought the first season was better, but for me, season 2 had a better script and more memorable episodes. Komikado-sensei’s arguments in Season 2 during the courtroom scenes especially during the Ando Kiwa case was very thought-provoking (Hello, non-poetic justice!). Apart from the last case, my favorite one was about the guy who sued his wife for lying to him about having cosmetic surgeries.

I never thought a day would come that I’d dislike a Kimura Takuya drama, but after I passed on last year’s Priceless, I knew I’m close to breaking my personal record of watching everything he’s in. Quite frankly, I didn’t quite get the essence of this story. I was waiting until the very end to see if there’s some big twist in the storyline, but I guess there isn’t much you can do with a plot like that. There were some tiny scenes between Lloyd and Asahi that would make you go giddy from time to time, but it just wasn’t enough to make it among my favorites. I know I’ll never see the Pride, Good Luck, and Long Vacation-Kimura Takuya ever again, but I’ll still keep watching his shows (*sniff sniff*).

Dokushin Kizoku
I decided to watch it primarily for Ito Hideaki (He’s such an eyecandy!), and since I didn’t have that much expectations about the series, I thought it was quite enjoyable. I was doubtful that there would be any chemistry between Kusanagi Tsuyoshi and Kitagawa Keiko but, well, I guess I’m already used to seeing SMAP members with much younger lead actresses. Yamapi’s random guest appearance in episode 7 was quite a treat, too. I really liked Buzzer Beat so it was nice to see a mini reunion for the three main casts.

Miss Pilot
My friends were quite surprised when I told them I’m watching this JDrama since they know my history with Horikita Maki (I won’t go into detail with that one, lol). But since I had the opportunity to ride an ANA plane during my recent trip to Japan, it was fun to watch the drama while reminiscing about my actual experience boarding one of their planes. Haha. The plot was quite predictable, but I was hoping for more of the love angle between Tezuka and her flight instructor. lol. It was the first time I appreciated Saito Takumi after virtually ignoring him in all of the dramas I’ve seen with him in it before, and he made me wish I had a male boss. Haha.  

So there you have it. My random thoughts. The Winter 2014 JDrama season had just began, and I have about 6 series on my shortlist. I probably will end up watching just 3 or 4 with my busy schedules at school and work. But, I always make time for my JDrama cravings so.. who knows? I might end up watching more. lol.

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