Wednesday, January 8, 2014

I Just Can't Hate Miley!

2013 has been quite a year for me, and so it is for Ms. Cyrus.

My close friends know how much I like Miley prior to everything that’s been on the news lately (and now you know it, too). I mean, how many times have I blogged about how I wanted to copy her previously long, wavy locks? lol. I didn’t follow Hannah Montana as much as I did with Lizzie McGuire (ahem, different generations), so I wasn’t as “heartbroken” or “shocked” as some younger girls when she took off her Disney badge.  But hairstyle aside, there are other things I sincerely like about the girl.
Pre-twerking Miley
I like her songs

Visuals excluded (though the “naked” truth didn’t really bother me at all), I find Wrecking Ball and We Can’t Stop quite ear-friendly, with the former in a much higher degree of ear-friendliness, of course. Wrecking Ball is a semi-ballad about heartbreak, and I think Miley really poured her heart out for this track, whereas We Can’t Stop’s chorus always makes me do this really weird dance (and no, I’m not talking about twerking. Haha!). There are songs before her infamous transformation that are still in my “Ladies Jam!” playlist: The Climb, These Four Walls, and When I Look at You.

I like her raspy singing voice

It’s distinct and not the clean, diva type which works for edgy pop ballads (I love them divas, though. Mariah!!!). While I did enjoy most of Hilary Duff and Lindsay Lohan’s songs before, I’m quite happy that most Disney girls after them can actually sing (and I said “most,” not all), and Miley is one of them.

I like her street style 

When it comes to Hollywood celeb street fashion, she’s my second favorite after Vanessa Hudgens.  I try going for a grunge look sometimes, but I can’t help but think I look like I need about 3 days’ worth of bath. Haha. I’m just one of those unfortunate girls who can’t pull that look off, and I think those who do are really enviable.  

She makes me want to exercise 

Look how toned her body is!

And lastly…

I really, really like her hair, well, at least how it was before. 

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