Thursday, January 30, 2014

I'm going back to Tokyo!!!

Yeah, what the title says! lol.
I'll be staying in Tokyo (again!) for 2 weeks (Feb 13-27) to participate in Meiji University's Short-Term Language Program for Winter. Haha! I received the acceptance notice way back in November, but I had to wait until just this week to find out if I got the scholarship. Fortunately, I did! Yay!
Meiji Daigaku!~

JAPAN, Y U ALWAYS PAY FOR MY TRIPS? (Not that I'm complaining)

What's even better is that I'll get to experience Valentine's Day in Japan. Yihee!~ Super excited to see girls handing out chocolates to guys. Haha! I'll finally get to watch that famous tradition LIVE. lolol.

So, uhm, yeah. I'm running out of things to say, and I'm sure I'm not making that much sense right now. Haha. Can you sense how excited I am? :D

And I'm super thankful to my boss who allowed me to take a leave from work. Haha. She's awesome. :)

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