Saturday, January 4, 2014

Weekly "Kawaii" Encounters Vol. 3 - Holiday Edition

Just a few of the things that kept me busy during the holidays. The laptop Papa lets me use crashed just before 2014 arrived (lovely way to start the year, right? Not!), so I lost a bunch of photos and the only ones I managed to salvage were those from my phone. Oh well.

1.) Elle & Blair's Beneath the Glitter - I actually got the gift I asked for during our office kris kringle. Yey! Still haven't finished reading, though.
2.) The Candy Style Guide Global Street Style Edition - Got a copy of this after buying Tricia's style book. Through this handbook, I learned about some global fashion bloggers I should definitely check out. I have a few new favorites. 
3.) Free fashion and beauty magazines I got in Japan that I've almost forgotten about. I browsed over them during the holiday vacation. There's so many fashion looks and info inside I can't believe they're actually giving these away for free. :)

4.) The Christmas Wishlist Board - We had this is in the office. Mine's the light pink one around the upper left side corner. Hihi! Since I got my wish, I'd say it was a pretty lucky spot. :)
5.) We had a small pizza party, also in the office, exclusively for our department.
6.) The makeup look I wore during our Company Christmas Dinner: strong brows plus nude lips.
7.) Floral earrings made of clay. Got this in Singapore last 2012.
8.) A small token from the office
9.) Meiji Apollo! Deserves a spot here because the packaging is cute.Haha!
Like a boss!
10.) At Via Mare Oyster Bar in Greenbelt 3 where we had our Company Dinner for Christmas
So rare for someone who doesn't eat veggies. Haha!
Still nowhere near my desired hair length :(
My version of korokke, pre-fry phase
One of the very few things I can cook with confidence. Haha!

'til next time!

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