Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Little Tokyo's Sunday Fiesta 2014.01.26

I attended Little Tokyo Makati's Sunday Fiesta event last January 26 with some of my Japan culture-loving friends. Thought it's one of their regular events and I've heard so many things about it, it was just my first time to actually attend. Ate Mitch participated in the Nodojiman Contest (an amateur singing contest, which is one of their most popular segments) so of course I had to be a supportive friend. :)

Some of our friends from the JPOP competition last year also participated in the contest, so you can just imagine how much of a noisy audience we were. Haha! 
The event's tri-lingual host, Aisaku Yokogawa
Super jealous of how fluent he is in Japanese, English, and Tagalog!

A visit to Little Tokyo means feast time!  Yay for authentic Japanese food!
I ate so much that night I can't even.
Maki and takoyaki from Hana Restaurant
Beans to shoo away the bad spirits!
Random photo of a chouchin. Haha.

I'm guessing the owner of this Okonomiyaki is a big, big Hanshin Tigers fan. 
Just maybe.
I was clearly in "enemy' territory."
But the food was reaaaaalllyyy good. I actually enjoyed it a lot more than the okonomiyaki I ate in Japan. Haha!
Oops! Haha. Nope, I'm not being unfaithful.
Jobelle, myself, and Ate Mitch
Thank you, Christian, for the photo. :)

The funny thing was that we were about 7-8 in the group, but we never took a single group shot. Haha!

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