Sunday, April 6, 2014

Tokyo Food Diary Part 2 [2.13.14~2.27.14]

Kaerimichi ~The Way Home~ [Tokyo Feb 2014]

The title totally reminds of that Tegomass song (lol) but it's purely a coincidence, trust me. Haha. Looking at the photos, it should actually be called  "The Way to School" since I took them, well, on my way to school. Haha. But "Kaerimichi" sounds nice so...

Anyway, for my recent two-week visit to Tokyo, I stayed at this lovely apartment in Setagaya-ku:
The first 2-3 days was extremely challenging for someone like me who lacks any sense of direction whatsoever. I had to walk for 10-15 minutes every day from the apartment to the nearest bus station, and I just couldn't remember the right way. There's just too many right turns and left turns. Haha. My host father kindly walked me to the bus station for the first two days because he thought that was enough for me to get familiar with the place (He was totally wrong. lol.). And it's an even bigger problem at night, since it's really dark and all the buildings look the same. Haha. I took a cab for the first 3 nights or so, but my "student budget" just couldn't keep up with having to pay a thousand yen for a ride every single night.

Eventually, I just gave up and asked my host father to draw a verrry detailed map for me. Haha. 
Snow has completely melted this time, but during my first few days, 
it looked like this:
My homestay brother, Reona-kun  

This was the hill where I got lost twice and had to ask two strangers for help.They were soooo kind that they even lent me their cell phones so I could call my host parents. And they both never left me alone in the cold while I was waiting for either my host mom or dad to pick me up. (I'm talking about two different people here on two different I'm-lost-damnit! occasions, and they're both equally nice.) 
 I would usually see a lot of shougakusei on their way to school in the morning. If I saw them, it meant I still wasn't late for my own classes. Haha!~
How cute are those blue and pink randoseru!~
Yey, bus stop!
Yup, I'm one of those creepy people who take photos inside the bus.

Aww... I sure miss this place a lot. 

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