Friday, June 27, 2014

Fashion Friday: Wardrobe Essentials - Must-Have Jacket Styles for Every Woman

People who live in a tropical country rarely get the chance to play with clothing pieces usually associated with colder weather, such as jackets. At most, we make do with thin cardigans and blazers to look a bit more put together and, for practical reasons, lessen any skin exposure or achieve balance. Investing in timeless pieces is a good way to have go-to items for any occasion, and women’s jackets will always be among these many essentials. They’re not only practical to keep warm during the colder season, but they can also work as accents to complement any outfit.Look around for shops that offer as many styles, cuts, and colors as possible to make the shopping experience easier.
Here are some of the most versatile jacket styles I think every fashionista’s closet should have:


Common parka or winter jacket styles are waist-length onesor those that stretch down to the knees. They can be dressy, casual, sporty, and even rowdy. Choose the look that best suits your styling needs, and accessorize as needed.


Blazers aren’t only suitable for work, as they can also be worn for fun night outs. They’re versatile pieces that can be dressed up or down, depending on the situation.Some designs include interesting patterns or even fake fur to draw more attention to the piece.

Jean Jackets

Jean jackets are perhaps the most indispensable essential jacket for women. Not only are they practical, but they can also be paired with anything for more versatile looks. Wear them with light, floral dresses for an interesting contrast during those cool summer nights, or add a circle scarf and hat when it gets a bit colder.

Classic Trench

There’s no need to freeze for the sake of fashion of you can classic trench coats that give you an instant glam and effortless look. Coats like these that cinch the waistline is an ideal addition to your wardrobe if you live in places with unpredictable weather.

A Bright-Colored Coat

Put on a coat in any vibrant color to complement your red lipstick and look even more livelier. Choose a piece in your most flattering hue and match it up with all your best dresses and skirts or even pencil cut jeans.

Note: I’m starting a simple series here in my blog where I talk about different beauty issues and other women-related topics such as makeup, hair, fashion, skincare, books, and even my favourite TV series (Game of Thrones!) and movies with a different theme every day. So, yeah. Hopefully, I can keep it up. Watch out for tomorrow’s Stash Saturday - Japanese Cosmetics Haul. Thanks!

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