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Skincare Sunday: Anti-Ageing Product Must-Haves - Ingredients You Should Look For

As soon as I hit my mid-20’s, I became a bit more precautious regarding my skincare routine. My skin is far from perfect, having had bad acne experience as a teen and thinking I wouldn’t get past that awful stage in my life. Thankfully, I did get past that stage, and now, I couldn’t be any happier with my current skin condition. There are still traces of past problems here and there, but nothing that proper makeup application can’t conceal. *wink*
Skincare Products I used a few months ago - all natural!

Like many other skincare-conscious women, I was also actively on the lookout for miracle creams for quite some time to mask or slow down any signsof ageing. There were several options out on the market, so it was a bit challenging to decide which will work best for my skin type (I have oily to combination skin). A good amount of research and consultation with my trusted dermatologist went through before I finally settled on which products to stick with for six months, before I changed into another set.
Skincare Products I currently use:
Olay Regennerist Revitalizing Cream Cleanser, Olay Total Effects Foaming Cleanser, St. Ives Apricot Cleanser, Oilatum Cream, Olay Anti-Aging Eye Cream, Dove Foaming Makeup Remover, Shiseido Perfect Makeup Remover (Eyes&Lips)

It’s important to read the labels and know what those ingredients actually do to your skin. Some of the most effective anti-ageing products always contain ingredients that rejuvenate skin cells and increase collagen production.

So, here are some ingredients that worked for me and I think you should also look for when choosing anti-ageing creams:

These are short chains of amino acid monomers, which can be made in an infinite order of different combinations. Adding fatty ends makes them penetrate better into the skin. A valuable, high performing peptide can be simulative and proliferative. This means more rapid turnover of skin cells and healthier-looking skin.

It’s impossible to promote skin care renewal without reference to retinol. This vitamin A derivative acts on DNA to make sure keratinocytes remain healthy. Epidermal thickening, increasing production of collagen and elastin, and decreasing UV induced collagenase are just some of its capabilities. In addition, it’s effective for photo-damaged skin and treatment for many skin problems, such as wrinkles, fine lines, uneven skin tone and hyperpigmentation.

Antioxidants (Vitamins C and E)
To neutralise free radicals, vitamin C is the most abundant antioxidant present in our skin. It’s necessary for stimulation and effective cross-linking during collagen synthesis. Also, vitamin C has photo protective effects and works in synergy with Vitamin E on cells. Vitamin C that’s applied externally works on fine and course wrinkling. It can also improve the skin’s smoothness, laxity, tone, and lighten hyperpigmentation.

Meanwhile, vitamin E is the most prevalent antioxidant found on the skin barrier. Vitamin E works in synergy with Vitamin C to serve as protection for the skin barrier and upper dermis against any oxidative damage due to UV exposure. Before UV exposure, topical administration of Vitamin E may lessen skin responses, such as sunburn cell formation, erythema, and oedema.

These are cellular fats located in between skin cells which seal them together. They’re important parts of the skin barrier as they not only keep pathogens out, they also keep moisture locked in. This hydration is necessary to make cellular turnover possible. But as people age and get exposed to harmful environmental factors, the ceramide levels are lessened. This causes loss of hydration, drier skin conditions, and slower skin turnover. Many beauty products are enhanced with this ingredient to help prevent skin ageing.

Anti-ageing products should contain these essential barrier enhancers to keep the skin healthy. The next time you visit a local beauty store or browse an online shop, make sure to check for these ingredients before making your purchase.

Note: I’m starting a simple series here in my blog where I talk about different beauty issues and other women-related topics such as makeup, hair, fashion, skincare, books, and even my favorite TV series (Game of Thrones!) and movies. So, yeah. Hopefully, I can keep it up. Watch out for tomorrow’s Makeup Monday: What’s in My Everyday Makeup Bag. Thanks!

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