Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Tresses Tuesday: History’s Most Influential Women and their Equally Famous Hairstyles

“Behind every great man is a great woman.” Cliché, right?

How about, “Behind every great woman is a great hairstyle?” I mean, think about it. Apart from the accolades and recognitions they get from all their contributions to society, many of history’s powerful women share one thing in common: a fabulous do.

When you see someone don a particular hairstyle, you would immediately associate that look to any of these ladies. Here are some of the most recognizable women in history whom I truly look up to and their famous locks:

Marie Antoinette
When I was younger, I used to call her “The Lady with Cotton Candy Hair.” Whenever I play “princess games” with other girls, I would always imagine myself having hair as poufy as hers. The former queen of France and Navarre is a huge fan of hair accessories. She decorates her mile-high hair with adornments that make her voluminous locks stand out even more. Her elaborate coiffure always has a touch of excessive glamour — from chic chapeaus to flamboyant feathers.

Audrey Hepburn
The woman I would gladly swap faces with! I think she’s everything a woman should be – beautiful, sophisticated, and super talented. The actress is known for popularizing the Pixie cut in the 1950s. She has the kind of face that can pull off this very short hairstyle, as most women tend to shy away from shorter cuts for fear that it may not suit them. Audrey’s famous cut is complete with an even shorter fringe, overall resembling what pixies where drawn to wear as a hairstyle.

Marilyn Monroe
The actress’s iconic 1950s femininity provided an interesting contrast to the androgynous fashion and blunt cuts that made waves in the 1920s. She’s one of my favourite blonde beauties, along with Bridget Bardot. Her womanly charms was best reflected in her soft, blonde curls that even the contemporary blonde-bombshells of Hollywood still sport.

Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis
While the former First Lady’s elegant fashion sense —Chanel suits, pillbox hats, and fancy gloves — made her the icon that she is, her hairdo is also one to remember. It’s like a brunette version of Marilyn’s. Her bouffant style featured tall, teased hair that made her locks look voluminous on top. To achieve a sophisticated look, the top layer was combed to smooth it out.

Catherine, Duchess of Cambridge
Whenever I need to wear something a bit better than my “office uniform” aka my usual jeans and tees, I always browse through photos of Kate for inspiration. Prince George’s mom has the classic, glossy chocolate brown hair that has turned into the “it” hairstyle of today. Who wouldn’t want that effortlessly sophisticated look which seemed like she just wakes up in the morning looking like that. It has become an iconic hairstyle that many hair salons have received requests from women hoping to copy her locks. The Duchess goes for all soft curls and a smooth blow dry to achieve her signature look.

Michelle Obama
More than her impressive law career and her organic vegetable garden, it’s the current US First Lady’s hair that has caught the attention of many ever since her husband became the most powerful man in the world. She almost stole the limelight from him during his own inauguration when she stepped out sporting a fringe. I’m a huge fan of fringes, and I think Michelle’s are just perfect.

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