Monday, October 13, 2014

Makeup Monday: Zawachin's Monomane Makeup Book - "Make Magic"

The other day,  while I was sorting out all the fashion and photo books I hoarded during my last Tokyo trip, I found my copy of Zawachin's makeup book tucked neatly among my growing collection. I wasn't originally planning to buy one, but I got really intrigued when I saw how many bookstores had it among their bestsellers.
For those of you who don't follow Japanese pop culture, Zawachin, whose real name is Ozawa Kaori, started off as a regular blogger who would constantly post photos of her different makeup looks on her personal blog. Among the various looks she created, she gained the most prominence for her makeup impersonation (monomane) of former AKB48 member Itano Tomomi. Then, as she continued making really impressive makeup impersonations of different celebrities, she became well-known for her seikeikyuu meiku (cosmetic surgery-level makeup) techniques.
"Itano Tomomi"

Here are some of my favorite makeup monomane looks from her book:
"Cara Delevingne"
"Masuwaka Tsubasa"
"Kato Miliyah"
"Kiritani Mirei"
"Fujii Lena"
"Hamasaki Ayumi"

The instructions on her book on how to copy the looks are pretty simple, and she doesn't use any special makeup product at all ̶ just the regular neutral colored eyeshadows you can buy in any drugstore. So, instead of a how-to book, I'd say it's more a collection of some of her best works. It's like a printed, better-quality version of the photos on her blog. I wouldn't say she has mad makeup skills, but she does know how to maximize her resources (proper lighting, right camera angle, and even the way she covers her mouth or positions her famous pink mask) to make the resemblance as close as possible, regardless of gender and ethnicity.

According to some of the interviews I've seen of her, she would take about a thousand photos just to get one shot with the right angle. Some have expressed doubts about her skills, saying that she probably edits her photos heavily. But, she's appeared on television so many times wearing several of her monomane looks, so I'm pretty convinced that she does know her stuff.

She recently announced her plans of pursuing a career as a tarento, hoping that the audience would appreciate her more beyond the makeup transformations. I wish her luck on her new venture, and I'm looking forward to whom she's going to copy next. :)

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